Product review: My sista nutritionist, Abra Pappa of Nutritious America and I tackle the Good Greens Bar!


Karen and I are always on the hunt for reliably healthy and delicious treats. Our stamp of approval does not get thrown around willy nilly. Our standards are high. In fact, this will be our first official “stamp” on this blog.

Protein bars are a tricky one. To be honest, we would much prefer our clients to eat a small meal or a whole food snack then a bar. BUT bars are convenient and fast. We often need a quick snack to throw in your bag or purse.

Let’s begin with a small WARNING: The protein/health bar aisle at the grocery store is a virtual wastedland where all kinds of creepy ingredients go to die, (or mostly likely died before they were even put on the shelves). BUT, after some searching we found one that caught our eye! The Good Greens Bars are gluten free and vegan using whole food ingredients and a propiertary blend of green superfoods, probiotics, antioxidant rich fruit powders.

Here is what we are looking for in a bar and how the Good Greens bar scored:

1. All ingredients should be whole food based, not processed highly manufactured or “fractured” versions of whole foods. 


Their proprietary list of superfood berries, leafy greens and probiotics looks sharp. Gluten-free/vegan-friendly ingredients are also a plus!

2. Low sugar (even if the “sugar” is from a natural source I want to see that number below 12g)


The majority of flavors have 14 grams of sugar per bar, but because the sugar is mostly coming from whole fruits and fruit powders that are adding nutrition, and slower releasing fiber, it got the “get out of jail free” card.

3. A balance of protein and carbohydrates


This is the only category that Karen and I didn’t agree on, but we usually don’t agree on the protein debate. This is a good thing… keeps us both on our toes. Karen would like to see a higher protein count, or at least more protein than sugar, but for less than 20o calories and a heafty dose of fiber, we both concur that for the purpose of a snack a few times per week, it’s acceptable.

4. Must taste good!


I must say this is a really big one. Maybe even the most important category. As one of my clients loves to point out, “What’s good to you, Abra, is not always good to me” So I made sure that this was client tasted and approved. I passed out a variety of these bars to multiple clients for weeks and the results are in: Delicious! My favorite flavors are chocolate peanut butter and chocolate mint.

5. Under 200 calories


At 190 calories per bar, this should satisfy hunger for about 2-3 hours, just enough to get you through that 3pm energy slump.

GOOD GREENS FINAL GRADE = A  They are approved!!

You can purchase greens bars directly from their website here:

Or check their website for a store that sells them near you.

Stay tuned for more product reviews! We’ve got your back.

Photos Courtesy of: GoodGreens.Com

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