Little Miss Southie has done it again: Local 149 Restaurant Review


Oh, South Boston how you continue to surprise me! Curiosity and determination have brought forth some exciting adventures here in my new city. Eating well and working out are a big part of my life, and while I have recently discovered there are some kick ass gyms and yoga studios here, I was equally dazzled to find this hip and trendy restaurant tucked away in the middle of Southie. Local 149 is not just any spot. Everything from the delicious cuisine to their hand-crafted cocktails are all made with fresh ingredients from local purveyors and producers in the area. Quite a …dare I say, departure?… from most restaurants in this neighborhood, yet it attracts a vibrant, good-looking crowd of both locals and inner-city dwellers.


With friendly service and a hip, yet charming atmosphere, (even the art on the wall is made by local artists), it felt like I was back in Los Angeles. What I was most excited about, of course, was the menu. The cocktail list was killer! Did you know there are more Massachusetts breweries than just Sam Adams?? Listed on the menu were 22 beers on tap featuring local microbrews served in chilled copper mugs, a great selection of wines, and innovative cocktails made with their “house-made” ginger beer. WOW.

The bar menu has typical “bar bites” with one common theme… They’re all made from scratch! Ahhhh, music to a Nutritionist’s ears! Smokey wings, a beautiful hummus plate with fresh vegetables and warm bread, and fried brussels sprouts with spicy dipping sauce. For those who think they don’t enjoy brussel sprouts, you have been given a second chance! Yes, they are flash-fried, BUT they’re still pretty loaded with nutrition, and though we usually turn our nose up at fried foods, when it’s a green vegetable that you never would have introduced to your food chain otherwise, then it’s a winner as long as it’s got more nutritious items with it.

Also on the bar menu is a great artisanal cheese selection that changes nightly. Entrees ranged from homemade , (non-eggo) chicken and waffles, to white bean cassoulet. The grass-fed cheeseburgers are a hit as well as the sea scallops, and the lemon, garlic, statler chicken with warm arugula, 24 hour tomatoes, and shiitake salad. The vegan dish was called, “badass risotto” made with fresh local veggies” which I almost ordered because the name was so cool. The beet salad also sounded delicious, but my body was screaming out for something green. And boy did i find it!

My leafy greens!

My leafy greens!

Ingredients one can pronounce

Ingredients one can pronounce

For dessert…(does that really say “chocolate shake made with malt and maca?!?!) I smell a great idea for a protein shake! See how possible it is to inject nutrition into your foods and still make them delicious?

There is definitely something for everyone at Local 149. Bar foodies, you won’t miss the grease-fest, while the healthy folks will continue to be inspired. Not sure if it’s intended, but little Miss Southie is flying high on the health-foodie richter scale. (shshshshshshsh…don’t tell anyone). I suspect more restaurants and specialty stores will begin to follow suit in the coming year since fake food is slowly becoming a thing of the past. I’ll take a deep fryer over a microwave anytime!

This has been Nutritious Yogi reporting!

Namaste, eat clean!

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