Does your workplace need a little “shaking up”?  I’m here to help! Spreading knowledge and enthusiasm on an individual or group basis, my corporate wellness programs will bring affirmative results to your entire company.

Power Lunch Wellness Seminars

These casual wellness seminars can focus on an overall approach to optimum health, or a more targeted discussion such as..

*Healthiest ways to lose weight and keep it off
*Disease prevention/Immune system support
*Health for Heart throbs
*Cleansing & Detoxification
*Healing with Whole Foods
*How I conquered my sugar addiction
*Radiant Health for Women
And more..

Power Lunch Yoga

Vinyasa is a fluid style of yoga that cultivates a deep flow of integration, breath & movement, awareness & alignment, and strength and flexibility. The perfect seguay between the morning and afternoon work day.

*1 hour, 75 min, or 90 minute classes available

3-Week Group Purification Challenge

I’ve had such amazing success with this program - not just weight loss, but better sleep, skin, nails, hair, energy and overall health. If your group struggles with weight loss, blood sugar or digestion issues, skin conditions, immune system, heart or liver problems,  - this is the program for YOU. Includes in person group sessions, daily email support, and a complete kit of whole food concentrates to round out the program.

One on One Nutrition Coaching/ Yoga

Clients who take advantage of my personal consultations are always glad they did.  These meetings are customized per individual and can include anything from weight loss and stress reduction, to illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.  A personal diet history is obtained and we work together to formulate new eating habits and a lifestyle that encourages overall health, well- being, and vitality. Employees have reported excellent feedback from these sessions resulting in less absenteeism, better work ethics, and higher productivity.

Side effects of my programs include…

*Increased energy & vitality from a more restorative approach to lifestyle and better food choices

*Mental & emotional stability and a healthier peace of mind from stress reduction and self image techniques

* A willingness to help others achieve their newly found balance of nourishment and excitement, melding it into the workplace

*Save money on health care costs

*Less sick days for employees, including doctor visits

*Improved focus and concentration creating for a more dynamic & creative workplace

*Keep your "star" employees!


Contact me for more info or to get started!