“Karen Sherwood is the reason why my life has transformed! Karen is pure magic. With her individualized nutrition program, I was able to get the time and attention I could not find anywhere else. She is a true inspiration and joy to work with and with Karen life long success is the only possibility! If you need a nutritionist to guide you through a lifestyle and diet transformation, Karen is your woman. “

Christine walker, New York city, NY


Final day of my 21 day cleanse. I feel alive, alert, healthy,strong, energized, refreshed and more aware of my body and what goes in it than ever before. Best thing I have done for myself in a long time. Thank you Karen Sherwood for getting me on board and guiding me through this incredible process. ♥


“ Karen, you are such a happy, pleasant person and it’s extremely contagious to be around. I am working on the insecurities about my job endeavors and am grateful for our talks about it. I will also be able to make more nutritious choices, and not eat for the wrong reasons. I am training for triathlons and my team has a nutritionist that they refer to, and after I spoke with her I missed you even more. It was almost as if she was a spokeswoman for GU and Gatorade.... ugh. So glad that things are going well and that you like the shirt/flag! Looking forward to many more sessions with you.”

Anne Marie Forney, Washington D.C.  


“ Karen, thank you so much for all the knowledge you have shared. Your love and passion for what you do is evident through your work. You are greatly appreciated!”

 Omari Bernard, personal trainer, Los angeles, CA 


“Karen is one of these amazing people that actually considers your life while making a nutritional plan for you. She will not try to put you in a category, she will look at who you are and where you at and she will go from there. Working in the medical field, not having the time to take regular breaks, no dietary program seemed to fit my lifestyle. But Karen taught me how I find a heathy way to balance out my unhealthy patters. And she is so much fun! So if you want to have a nutritionist that actually cares about you, I strongly recommand to get in touch with this wonderful lady.”  Hannah Stahlheber, Leipzig ,Germany


“You are such a fun, energetic, and well-rounded person that you make everyone feel happy and comfortable around you. I got you this dvd because i heard you say you like drummers and in my opinion Phil Collins is one of the best that have roamed this world. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you! Thank you so much and keep in touch “ Publio Adrianza Cerqueira, Caracas, Venezuela    


"Karen is full of energy and is a blast to work with! She is so knowledgable about nutrition and she serves that knowledge on a platter of happiness with a smile and a lot of encouragement! Before I met her, I had tried every diet on the planet and thought I knew what it was to "eat healthy", but Karen helped demystify the weight loss "game" for me. Her philosophy of eating "whole foods" has really stuck and makes it easy to live a healthy and happy life!" With lots of love, Regina Flores, New York city, NY

greg shrader

“In 2010 weighing in at just under 300 pounds I finally decided to do something about my weight. I took a few weeks off of work and went out to LA to work with a trainer who introduced me to Karen. Over the course of my time in LA Karen taught me how to make simple changes that have allowed me to lose 70 lbs. I've maintained that weight loss for two years now.
Before meeting Karen I would have told you that my diet was relatively healthy but that I just ate too much. Turns out I couldn't have been more wrong. I wasn't just eating too much. I was eating the wrong foods at the wrong times. I'd go hours without eating and then sit down to a big meal. Karen focused me on eating more frequent but smaller meals. She also helped me to cut down on the carbs and increase healthy proteins. With the right balance of good foods I was able to lose the weight without feeling hungry. I eat well, feel better and I'm a generally happier guy.
Two years later I occasionally find myself slipping back to old patterns - even adding a few pounds. This is especially true during Chicago winters. But here's the best part. Now that I know how to eat correctly, its easy to put the breaks on and drop the weight.
In 2010 I was overweight, out of shape and on medications to control my cholesterol. With Karen's help I'm at a healthy weight. I work out several days a week, compete in triathlons and play in a hockey league. I'm off the medications and for two years now my cholesterol has been on the low end of the healthy scale.
I can't thank Karen enough for her expertise in nutrition. It really has changed my life. I'm even more thankful to her for the way she works: with a smile, good humor, and genuine respect.”
Greg Shrader, Chicago, IL


"Learning about nutrition from Karen was extremely valuable to me. I gained knowledge, perspective and an overall plan for success. I highly recommend her to anyone interested in losing weight, or boosting performance to the next level."
Scott Filley.  Guilin, Guangxi, China  

“I worked with Karen over two years ago, and it changed my life. I did not only lose the extra pounds, but I got my energy back, and I learned that eating healthy can still be delicious and interesting. As long as the journey was, Karen was there to push and support me the whole time. She’s incredibly knowledgeable, she’s inspiring, and she’s charismatic. Now I’m healthier than I ever imagined. Thank you, Karen!”   

Conty Chapa Villarreal , Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico     


“Karen, thank you for all of your help to get to my goals. I really appreciate all of the work you did to make me feel successful.  Your willingness to talk and just listen meant a lot.  I am sure i will be talking to you soon!”

Rebecca Yokitis, Nanty Glo, Pennsylvania     

“Thank you for teaching me that i can have my cake and eat it too. You have been my educator, motivator, confidante, and friend. I am sure paths will cross again.  Nutritious Australia???  I’ll be sure to dedicate my book to you.”    Chemie Bok, Melbourne, Victoria Australia 

ellen hill

“My favorite thing about you is your ENTHUSIASM about getting the message out to as many people as possible that healthy eating can seriously change your life. Not only for attaining personal goals to look better, but for actually living longer. I love the way you always simplified the eating challenges and substituted fun and delicious choices so that I would never feel deprived. Also, I know this has nothing to do with nutrition, but I can still hear you say "hold onto your abs" when we would do spinning together!!! Miss you”

Ellen Brown Hill, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

tara henderson

“Karen is a lifesaver and a one-of-a-kind nutritionist! She is a ray of sunshine and a positive influence to even the best of us ‘self-taught’ health guru’s. There is nothing she can’t answer and her practical lifestyle changes, information on supplementation for athletic performance, and in-depth personalized assessments worked for me.

During a three-month intense fitness program I had the opportunity to be under Karen’s guidance. With her support I lost 34lbs while maintaining my energy levels and keeping inflammation down in my body. In addition to that and even more important, I felt like a million bucks even though I was essentially tearing my body to shreds every day. This allowed me to keep pushing and challenging my body for change and to my surprise also helped me stable my mental focus and emotional well-being.

Her understanding of how the mind and body work in terms your specific goals (gain muscle, weight loss, athletic performance, etc.) is AMAZING and was critical to my success. I continue to use the nutritional and supplementation guidelines she’s provided and not only find it incredibly easy to keep the weight off, but I’m sleeping more, have bounds of energy, and am looking healthier than ever.

Karen was just what I needed and I finally understand and agree that “Nutrition is 90% of the battle!”

Tara Henderson   

San Diego, CA    


“Karen was such great help! She helped me out a lot in realizing that life doesn’t revolve around food. My eating habits were terrible and Karen really explained how to just make simple modifications that has stuck with me for a year now. Karen doesn’t preach crazy diets or insane portions. She simply just sets you back to the basics when it comes to eating!”

Pamela Lyndsey, Morinville, Alberta

"Karen helped me through the start of my weight loss battle. She showed me that diets aren't the answer but life changes are. She was there for me every step of the way and completely changed my idea of food and how I eat on a daily basis.


Never thought I'd like yoga until I came to one of your classes.

Tom Hays, Boston, MA