What can Nutritious Yogi's Meditation Corner do for you?

In this video, I explain the intentions behind my meditations and why they're super powerful for anxiety, depression, or to pull out of our pocket on a day when we're feeling spent or overwhelmed. I am in the midst of creating several mini "escapes" if you will, that tackle things like food cravings, detoxification, mindful eating, grief, restlessness, and self esteem.

The best part!
As a gift to all my monthly newsletterOld fashioned Sundaes subscribers I'm giving away my 15 minute meditation for anxiety, Unravel & Unwind. I hope you'll join me on the journey to become your most vibrant being through yoga, clean eating, and staying inspired through mindfulness and meditation. 

Why is it so great to meditate anyway?

The best thing about all this is that the science is now helping us back this all up! 

1. It helps our body to better handle stress...and who doesn't want that?
2. Helps to alleviate symptoms of depression
3. It's non-invasive how's that for a perfect prescription?
4. Helps with memory impairment & beautiful brain power
5. It helps us to foster meaningful connections with others and strengthen our relationships
6. It really truly makes us feel good.... plus it's totally the "in thing" I mean come on..;)

meditation for anxiety: unravel & unwind

This visualization helps to untangle the type A mind while bringing a healthy foundation back to your day. By unlacing our deepest thoughts, we can finally make space for ourselves and become aware of both the light and heavy burdens we carry around, slowly extinguishing their effects on our body & spirit.