Congrats on taking a huge step towards vibrant health!

Contrary to popular belief, true cleansing is about nourishing the body at a deeper level. It doesn't come from synthetic nutrients, nor in the form of a fast, but in the form of concentrated nutrition from functional foods. With nutritionally dense ingredients, these recipes are part of your go-to, base-line eating plan so no matter what stage of cleansing you may be going through, every recipe is designed to support the function of the body and purification at a deeper level.

This cookbook is inspired by my revolutionary 21 day purification program which is designed to cleanse the entire body with the exclusion of refined, and/or inflammatory foods, and simultaneously drowning the cells with nourishment from whole foods to fill crucial nutrition gaps at a cellular level and aid the body in the relenquishment of unwanted toxins. A vital step that most cleanses and detoxification programs miss.

Suddenly we feel lighter & healthier with more energy and mindfulness around food. The best part about this program is that it helps us identify food sensitivities without the use of expensive blood tests so you can finally figure out how you process ingredients. A win win situation!

Every recipe in this guide is "purification-friendly" but can (and should) be used quite often!  The recipes use very minimal ingredients so you can eat healthy and love your meals without spending a ton of time in the kitchen. The perfect jumpstart to get your eating habits back on track!

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