You've finished the cleanse! NOW WHAT?

Turn those glorious “side effects” into life-long change! 

Congratulations! Your body, mind, and spirit have just entered a newer, healthier, sexier time. Getting here took a lot of dedication, persistence, and above all else, self love.

Some side effects many have experienced:
*weight loss & deflated belly
*renewed sense of vitality
*mindfulness in the way you eat (and move)
*great new recipes & easy ways to prepare healthy food
*better skin, hair & nails & and overall glow
*better sleep & mood

Don’t you just want to live in this little space forever? Well, you can! My advice to you is to stay on this road so these “side effects” will now explode into life-long benefits because that's where the real excitement happens! Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. If you have an upcoming physical or are on medications you would like to possibly come off of, schedule an appointment with your doctor before you come off the program. Your test results will show vast improvement and this is your opportunity to put your best foot forward.

2. Do not just begin eating anything you want in large quantities on day 22. In order to identify allergies and sensitivities, it’s important to add in “non-cleanse approved” foods little by little.  This helps you to recognize what foods make you feel “less than.” See below on info for nutrition sessions which can help you add the foods back in the correct order and portion size according to your individual needs.

Food Reintroduction

Choose whole grains instead of refined grains, which have most of their nutrients removed. Eat a healthy range of whole grains that includes quinoa, spelt, bulgur, steel-cut oatmeal, brown rice, and barley and note how they make you feel .
 stick to organic poultry, grass-fed beef, and wild fish only

These foods are nutritionally dense and provide a host of nutrient components such as calcium and plain yogurt,  kefir, small amounts of cheese (1 oz is a serving, think 4 dice), small amount of organic milk or cream for coffee. Remember to go full fat and never fat free. Remember you want to always be consuming real food. 

Nuts and Seeds (Raw) Nuts and seeds can supply necessary oils to the diet. Nuts are concentrated sources of fuel, so portion control is important. A handful a day is plenty for most people. I love raw walnuts and almonds, but go with whatever kind you like (limit peanuts).

Shellfish, like shrimp and mussels, can add important nutrients such as protein and iodine to the diet along with the fish you're already consuming.

Eggs provide an important source of protein, iron, and B vitamins. Aim for 2-3 times per week and remember to eat the whole egg. 

Sugar- should be limited to coconut palm sugar, raw honey, molasses, agave nectar or coconut nectar (but stick w stevia for liquids)
Caffeine/alcohol- See how you feel with smaller amounts.( i.e., 1-2 cups coffee per day, 1-2 glasses wine 2 times per week or less) remember how you feel without it!
“White trash”- Get ready for your belly to swell! (processed foods like crackers, chips, store bought cereals, or any foods in the center of the grocery store should be very limited if at all) Remember, you are sliding in to a whole new lifestyle and limiting these foods is key!

Portion Control

Portion control as detailed in the patient guide will help optimize post-purification results.

Nutrition counseling packages at discounted rates.
1 session: 95.00

3 weekly 45 min sessions by phone to keep you on track: 250.00

Nutrition sessions can help you identify what type of whole food support your body needs the most, and formulate the best way to add the foods back into your diet with a step by step guide. The beauty is, everyone is different! We will also pinpoint any emotional triggers that may be holding you back from experiencing your best self. Additionally, if you are interested in staying with any of the supplements or powders, you now have access to the purest, most potent, organic concentrated foods to use as your nutritional insurance on a day to day basis. Customized supplement packets for metabolism, sleep, muscle/joint health, stress, and many others are also available.

Referral Program

Because you are all now purification rock stars, I have put together an incentives program offering everyone who refers a client to the program at reg price your choice of:

*One 28 oz SP complete powder (85.00 retail value w shipping) your daily health insurance in just 2 scoops per day!

*One complimentary 45 minute nutrition session 
Together we will come up with a maintenance plan to help you stay on track that will include the foods that are right for you.  We will also begin to identify any food allergies and /or sensitivities by adding in “non-cleanse approved” foods little by little.  This helps you to recognize what foods make you feel “less than.” 


Food concentrates & Herbs to stick with:

Here are a few of the most popular and the prices. I take many of these daily, and some off and on. Email me for more detailed info on any of these products.

SP Complete Powder- whole food powders for your daily shakes as whole food nutrition insurance- $69.95- 28 oz 
Adrenal Complex- Amazing support for the adrenal gland and energy production to combat fatique. 120 caps 57.50
Cod liver oil- 3 per day, omega 3, anti-inflammatory, natural Vit A & Vit D
Catalyn- this is a whole food based multi vitamin I take with all my meals. It works synergistically with all the other supplements and supports all the systems of the body. $38.00 (360 tablets)
Cinnamon Quills- 63.50 200 ml. Excellent for sugar cravings, digestion, and blood circulation.

Tuna omega 3 oils- I take between 2 and 4 of these per day to seal in healthy fats, supports inflammation, skin & hair health $22.00 (120 perles)

Cataplex B and G- the two of these make up the entire B complex all from natural sources. Do not buy B complex from any other sources. This is a big one, because it can be dangerous. This is energy production, muscle action, and metabolism as well as nervous system protection. $38.00 (360 tablets)

Cataplex C- natural, whole, Vitamin C (not just ascorbic acid) $48.00 (360 tablets)

Congaplex- acute immune system support! amazing stuff if you feel like you're getting sick. also comes chewable! 29.50 (150 tablets)

Chastetree- herbal support for hormone balance

Cruciferious Complete- healthy detoxification. vitamin K, lutein, and antioxidants. I'll add this in when I'm traveling and not eating as good as I want to be. $25.00 (90 caps)

Drenamine- Adrenal support, stress support! $38.00 (360 tablets)

Digestive enzymes- zypan, multizyme or enzycore- these help you break down your food. I take them anytime I'm having something that needs a bit more help digesting. Keep in purse for when you go out to eat. Zypan $41.00 (330 tablets) Multizyme $36.00 (150 tablets) Enzycore (31.00) 150 tablets 

Zymex capsules- healthy ph range in the intestinal tract $28.00 (150 capsules)

Fen-cho- elimination support, healthy bowel function- ( collinsonia root and okra) to aid the gastro fiber (or can try on its own) 6.50 (40 tablets)
Herbal Throat spray- currently on my nightstand for respiratory health, and immune system. 25 ml 20.50. 
 (Marshmallow root, Sage, Echinacea angustifolia root, Calendula, Myrrh and Clove bud) 
Rhodiola & Ginseng Complex- Stamina, vitality, mental clarity, & general well-being. 60 tabs 42.00

LIgaplex 1 and 2- joints and muscles! supports connective tissue 28.00 (150 tablets)

Lactic acid yeast wafers- one wafer per meal. Natural lactic acid to support Gut health & cleanses the lower GI tract 19.00 (100 wafers)

Livaplex (or LIvco)- this one is all natural support for the liver. I always have this one if I drink alcohol, too much caffeine, or sugar, or if i have to ever take advid or over the counter medications. $21.00 (90 capsules)

Min tran-- these support the nervous system- Great for sleep!  $21.00 (330 tablets)

Prosynbiotic- 4 research supported probiotic strains to support gut flora, immune system, and intestinal health. $37.00 (90 tablets)

Protefood- supports protein metabolism. Great if you exercise a lot and lift weights. $28.00 (90 tablets)

Spanish Black Radish- detoxification support! take with meals because I promise you, you won't eat this stuff, haha. $12.00 (90 tablets)

Symplex F- ladies! adrenals, thyroid, pituitary and function of the ovaries! hormone balance. $60.00 (360 tablets) Symplex M is the male version of this 

Cataplex GTF- carbohydrate metabolism, supports healthy blood sugar levels 15.00 (90 tablets)

Let your friends, family, and co-workers know that this was not a diet. Inform them about the lifestyle changes you are making and you’ll be surprised how much support you will get! My clients inspire me every day and I’m so grateful you chose Nutritious Yogi to be a part of your wellness team.

We only have one life, and it should be enjoyed to the fullest, with health, radiance, and confidence. Mindful nutrition, movement, and yes, playfulness will get you to that place. This is your time. Make it fun. make it real. make it last! ~karen

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