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Ask and you shall Receive 


When my little guy turned 6 months old, I couldn't wait to introduce him to food. Being a health nerd, and foodie, it was so exhilarating for me to watch his face whenever he'd eat something for the first time.  We started with sweet potatoes, then avocado, then carrots, and a slew of other veggies followed suit. Then a month or two later we started the fruits. 

Now I'm the mom of a 20 month old toddler and though we have days where all he wants are bananas and crackers, Tommy mostly gets a good variety of colorful food each day beginning with veggies, & fruits, some type of protein, grain, and always a healthy fat.

Ebook: Toddler Lunchbox

Now you may be asking, who the hell has time to figure all that out, AND make it tasty, AND keep it creative & balanced? Well to start,  I worked as a nutritionist at a weight loss camp in Los Angeles for several years where I counted calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugars, sodium, and about 75 other things for clients on a daily basis, so I'm pretty comfortable with nutritional breakdowns and balanced meals. I also love to cook, but I am by no means a professional chef.  I just toss some ideas around, and see what sticks. Some things work, and some don't, but the ones that do call for the biggest happy dance.  

I also work from home, and much of my day consists of blogging, emailing clients, and recipe testing, so it's been fun to come up with daily balanced meals that I can serve to Tommy and see what he thinks of them. If you've read my blog about toddler eating, you now know that can change on a daily basis, and it can be quite frustrating, especially when you're at a 9-5 (or later) job and you can barely get something healthy for yourself because you're not sure where to begin. 

Well I'm here for you! This is what I do, and I LOVE it!

One of my favorite things about creating toddler-friendly recipes is meeting up with my friends and their kiddos for what I call "professional taste testings". (these kids take their job quite seriously). Tommy and I walk around town with our little food truck (only it's a stroller) and pass out food to his friends who are in walking distance (many of them). Not only that, but the moms are just as excited to eat them as well. Being a healthy family must start with a willingness from us as parents to get in the kitchen whenever we can, and learn a few simple "go-to" meals that your whole family will enjoy. 

The e-book is $5.99 and here's what you get:

Toddler lunch box: what you get

Can't wait for you to see what I've come up with. Be sure to share this page with friends & family!