Hangover 101: 4 Ways to Cure your Liver

What are the best, most natural ways to care for your liver, and help a hangover?

In the newsletter a few months ago, I candidly spoke about my college days and how much fun I was having destroying my liver. Of course then, I wasn't really thinking of the bodily damages I was causing. Does any 19 year-old? 

Now, more than 5+ years later..;) I'm more aware of my body and the foods I put into it, and I now use what I call "entertainment foods" in moderation. A glass of wine less than 3 times per week, no processed foods, no artificial sweeteners, and about 80% less sugar. These foods have been replaced by a very "veggie-heavy" diet, lots of wild fish lately, some grains & fruits, and plenty of fresh water. Eating this way is fantastic for many things, but since we're talking about the liver....

Why should we care about the liver again?? 

Your liver is technically the industrial center for your body; it acts as a chemical factory making new body chemistry, breaks down toxins from the blood, generates new cells, and plays a part in balancing the endocrine system. When the liver is burdened by things like too much alcohol, medications, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, colors, and other chemicals, it responds by quietly working overtime, without compensation.

When was the last time you ever heard someone say "my liver hurts"? (unless they're talking about the severity of their hangover.) But did you know that your liver can be impaired for a long time before it ever lets you know?


Your liver is your lifeline, and it does have some cries for help


*Jaundice (yellowish tone to skin and eyes)

*Abdominal swelling

*Extreme fatigue

*Skin irritation

*Changes in stool

*Appetite changes

It's pretty tough to recognize these symptoms since they're common among many disorders, ie digestive problems, hormone imbalance, high cholesterol, and blood sugar issues. This means they often go on for way too long until something  like liver disease, or liver failure happen.

So how do we pay it back? I mean we've only got one so let's keep it alive awhile. Here are some things on its happy list.

1. Detoxifying yoga poses such as twists are great for massaging out the organs and releasing toxins. Just be sure to drink plenty of water after your practice.

2. Veggies like broccoli, kale, collards, watercress, cauliflower, & daikon are all excellent for the liver since they help to neutralize toxins. Having a hard time sneaking them into your diet? I'll hook you up with this

3.Herbs like Milk thistle, Schisandra, and Rosemary leaf are your liver rockstars. Read more about these herbs and their fantastic properties here and for more information on how to snag these, just contact me by replying to this email, or CLICK HERE. 

4. Whole food cleansing does wonders for the liver in 2 ways.

A, it gives it a break from it's difficult job of processing toxins

B, it nourishes the cells from the inside out. 

*Bonus tip: Every morning I drink 1 large glass of warm water with fresh squeezed lemon juice and ½ tsp cayenne pepper. This detoxifies and sets a liver-friendly alkaline environment in the body;

And for a Hangover...Listen up!

Well if I've caught you in time, then don't be an a**hole and drink your face into the toilet. If you're sick as hell right now, go and get yourself a bottle of coconut water, add a pinch of sea salt to it and dilute with a little water. I call this natural gatorade. If you are a responsible drinker (those of us who are familiar with the yoga yama brahmacharya that involves moderation) this is great for you too as a precaution. 


From my heart (and liver) to yours,



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