The Natural way to Sexy Skin: How to achieve that glowing look

I have found some really easy, natural ways to care for your skin. Most come from the inside.

I have found some really easy, natural ways to care for your skin. Most come from the inside.

You cannot pick up a magazine these days without reading about anti-aging. Even the health industry wants a piece of this multi-million dollar phrase. "Anti-aging" smoothies, moisturizing creams, body washes, face masks, baked goods (haven't seen one yet but I'm sure it's coming).

I can't help but feeling... doesn't this seem a bit anti-nature? After all, there are great things that come with age. Wine, cheese, ...the stars? Everything ages. And while we're so resistant to it, it's still going to happen so why not age the way nature intended, only with a sexy spin? (sexy meaning natural) 

When it comes to skin health, I like to think that maybe it's not about a ton of $$$ being spent on fancy products with glittery packaging. I myself have fallen into the Sephora trance many times, but always ended up using these products as cool decorations for my bathroom. Yes, they're damn pretty but what are they really doing? How about instead we follow a few lifestyle improvements that can help turn those wrinkles, rashes, and droopy skin into soft, radiant, gorgeous skin without all the fuss? 


Gimme dat delicious skin!

Look no further than the inside. Indeed a very boring phrase, but in this case, totally true.

Improve your nutrition

Everything begins with nutrition no matter what your physical goals might be, yet unfortunately we are all overfed and undernourished. Remove processed foods from the diet and eat things that cannot be found in packages. Be careful of too much dairy, wheat products, and desserts, and include as many leafy greens, and healthy fats as possible. Get a jump-start by doing a whole food cleanse and you'll notice changes almost immediately. 


Whole food based supplements

This is your nutritional insurance policy. Be sure to get an adequate supply of natural vitamin E,  vitamin C, omega 3 fats, and a vitamin that contains minerals like zinc.

Oils from the Gods

Coconut oil (And I'm not talking about coconut dark tanning oilwe used when we were teenagers. Pure coconut oil is a gentle way to take make-up off.

From an ayurvedic standpoint, ghee is a great moisturizer. Combine equal parts ghee and rose water, add a teaspoon of raw honey and a few drops of your sexiest essential oil. Aloe is also fantastic for soothing sensitive skin. 

Exercise gets the blood flowing where it needs to. It stimulates metabolism, and delivers oxygen to your organs. 

Drinky up 

No one wants dry, chapped skin. Water helps us to form new cells, helps us maintain body temperature, and keep that dewy look we want.

Regular facials can really help keep your skin looking fantastic, and many spas are now sporting great selections for natural treatments & enhancements. Just be sure to go gentle if you have senstive skin.

Count your sheep 
Beauty sleep is where it's at! Allow your skin to feel renewed and refreshed by getting in those 8 hours and say goodbye to those dark circles.

Take care of your skin externally
Dont touch your face throughout the day!l Trust me, once those hands leave your keyboard, they're filthy and the last place they should go is on your face. In the evening, cleanse with a mild, natural cleanser,remove any make-up before sleeping, and most importantly, make sure the products you are using on your body are 100% safe. 

Use sunscreen on your face
About 20 minutes a day of sunshine on the arms and legs is great for your health for its concentration of vitamin D3. When the sun is a bit too hot however, it's best to use a natural sunscreen (from a health food store) on your face with a natural sunscreen like zinc oxide.

*Bonus tip: Beware of Parabens and other carcinogens swirling around your beauty products just waiting to sink into your pores. They're linked to cancer, hormone disruption, severe skin rashes, and infertility. Same goes for artificial colors and fragrances. Best to go with products found at a health food or specialty store that include natural ingredients like essential oils, coconut oil, or aromatic spices. The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has an entire database with info on thousands of products complete with ratings. Check out skin deep here!