Healthy lessons from a Game of Thrones

Silly lifestyle lessons from A Game of Thrones. and a lemon cake recipe

...Does it go beyond Sansa's "fast metabolism"? 

 Yes my friends, Nutritious yogi has traveled way back to medieval times to learn a bit about George R. Martin's epic fantasy-based series, "A Game of Thrones". If you have not seen the show, no worries, you will still benefit from these lifestyle lessons. 

First off, what's an HBO series got to do with wellness? Well since this site is all about staying simple, I thought it would be a great exercise for us to jump back into the old world for a minute.

Lesson #1- 

Let's begin by discussing stress, specifically the simple "fight or flight" response:

In the 21st century- "I have a major presentation due and I must impress my supervisor! At that point I will get a raise and be able to afford the 80 inch flat screen tv that my neighbor has!! If I don't get it right by tonight, I'll just die!!!"

In Medieval times: "They're coming to attack Winterfell! Shit, we're probably actually going to die."

Yes it's fantasy, but even if you go back a few decades when we had less technology, our priorities were so much different, more focused on the simple things, ie, family, real food, and actually seeing friends face to face, not cyber space. Imagine living every day, not knowing if it might be your last. Makes you look at the world a bit different, right?

Lesson #2

Now let's talk about eating habits:
In all 3 seasons so far, Sansa Stark has never refused a lemon cake because she's watching her weight, and she looks pretty damn good, though I'm guessing there's no partially hydrogenated oils or yellow #5 filling in them. So you indulge a bit. It's okay as long as you're eating real ingredients with realistic portions.

Action Steps:

1. Go out and talk to someone today. It must be someone you don't know and make an actual physical connection. (Spouses, teachers, and hairdressers don't count!)

2. Make some real food! Roll up those sleeves, get your hands dirty, and then just enjoy it!

Click here for a modernized rendition, of a Game of Throne's favorite with a bonus of gluten- free ingredients, (Regular flour is so processed here in the 21st century). Can you guess what it is? There's also a raspberry surprise in the middle for an added bonus. 

See u in Winterfell! 


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