Here's looking at you, kid: A lesson in love & trust

Watch this short scene from Casablanca. 

Oh classic movies! Complex situations handled with courage and grace. If only real life were this way. People saying what they mean, and meaning what they say. 

Let's translate this clip to real-world modern times: 

Rick: "So what do you want to do, stay here, or get on the plane with Victor?"
Llsa: "I'll just go with him since that's what you want me to do."
Rick: "Don't turn it around on me now, it's your decision!"
Llsa: "My decision, my a**!" It's in your eyes you don't love me."
Rick:"Okay then, stay!"
Llsa: "Well now you're just saying that!" 

The theme for this post is courage.  Whether we realize it or not, courage is actually very simple; it's already in us. Courage to communicate from the heart, to set boundries when they're needed, to love unconditionally, and to live your truth with the understanding that trust and respect from another person may or may not be communicated in a way that's familiar to you. For some reason, we like to complicate relationships by making assumptions, and when we make assumptions, nobody wins, even when we have the best intentions. People say "I love you" in many different ways, so let's learn to trust this instead of working so feverishly to protect ourselves? In other words, why not love first and then see what comes? Take a chance in the Humphrey Bogart fashion..

Lights, Camera, Action! 

Now for one whole week, I want you to walk around and pretend you're in a 1940s film, accent and all!  If you're usually timid, be blunt for a change and see what kind of reactions you get. If you're usually impetuous, sit and patiently listen to what the other person has to say, and don't respond until after you've walked around the block a few times. (exercise is good too ;)
The benefit to this is also simple; you are living your truth and truth is the only real thing there is.  Trust that what you put out, you will always get back. "Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon and for the rest of your life." 

From my heart to yours, 


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