Meditation for Cravings: A guided audio exercise

New research suggests that daily meditation can help control binge eating as well as cravings. By taking as little as 5-10 minutes each day, we can learn to manage our physical sensations and emotions while accessing the inmost thoughts that lead up to our cravings.  

Props: Paper and pencil.

In this short guided exercise, after some deep pranayama, (deep breathing) I ask a few deep questions. Many have found that it helps to have a paper and pencil nearby so they can pause my voice and truly think about the answers.  Practicing this exercise in a safe space helps us get connected to our deeper desires and frustrations and keep our answers truthful. Some days the answers come easily, other days we may feel stuck. Keep practicing this meditation (perhaps even after a yoga practice) and notice what themes continue to come up. What needs to change in order for me to fully take control of my cravings? The answer may surprise you.