Mighty Bites: Protein Packed Energy Snack for Kids and Adults

Mighty Bites: Protein Packed Energy Snack for Kids and Adults

The perfect balanced snack that won’t raise blood sugar levels only to have them plummet later. Mighty Bites: Power food snacks for Adults and Kids will last through the week in your fridge and are quite easy to make in the food processor. If you don’t have a food processor, leave the ingredients out to soften for a bit before transferring to a large bowl with a wooden spoon.

When do these come in handy?

Scenario #1- You’re out shopping and forget to toss a snack in your purse and your blood sugar tanks while you’re in the dressing room leaving you feeling weak and cranky.

Scenario #2- You’re just about to go for a run or to a yoga class and you’re starving. You need a quick pick me up and something that won’t make you crash.

Scenario #3- You need a healthy snack for your child after they’ve come off the bus, or a pre- dinner snack that doesn’t result in a crash & burn (aka meltdown).

As a mom who’s been through every one of these predicaments, I can tell you these are the BOMB!


Ingredient Nerd alert

Every single ingredient in this recipe is functional, meaning it’s actually doing something good for your body.  Fiber and omega 3- rich hemp and chia seeds, organic whey protein, (which is great if you don’t eat a lot of meat products regularly), and “oh sweet goji and maca…. I can honestly have a separate post just you 2 ingredients alone.”


Goji berries are chock full of amino acids, minerals, and vitamins AND, they stimulate the pineal gland to produce HGH (human growth hormone). 
Just a small handful is more than enough.

Maca is an excellent choice for balancing hormones and boosting energy levels.  

And while we’re at it…

Raw honey contains bee pollen which is great for warding off infections and a fine choice for a sweetener in small amounts if you’re looking for an immune system boost! Best to purchase locally. 

So no matter if it’s a 3pm pick me up, a curbside meltdown, or just a sudden need for something nutritious, this easy recipe has you covered.


Mighty Bites: Protein Packed Energy Snack for Kids and Adults


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