6 Ways to incorporate Coconut oil into your life!

The Coconut: A timeless Yogi Staple. Now what do I do with this large tub of coconut oil my nutritionist said to buy?

The Coconut: A timeless Yogi Staple. Now what do I do with this large tub of coconut oil my nutritionist said to buy?

What’s with all this hype about coconut oil? Though I would love to say it’s just a new fad passing by, I am excited to report that just isn’t true.  Research is continuing to pour in about coconuts and their amazing health benefits. In a nutshell, coconut oil is a medium chain fat, making it quite different from most saturated fats because it gets absorbed more efficiently into the system. Coconuts also contain lauric acid, which the body converts into compounds that help to protect us from viruses and bacteria.

Because of these unique fats, many practitioners are also recommending coconut oil to promote skin, thyroid and brain health and it’s a popular oil in ketogenic, vegan, and paleo diets.

I usually recommend my clients consume about 1-3 Tbsp per day depending on weight, health history, and activity level. Some first-hand benefits I have seen in my practice include:   

*weight loss

*reduction in alzheimers/dementia symptoms

*pet health (Willie’s favorite thing ever!)

*thyroid protection

*antibacterial/antifungal properties

*energy boost

This leaves people wondering if this just means one more supplement to take.  Wait a sec..have you ever stopped for a second to taste how delicious coconut oil? That made it 100 times easier for me to come up with these 6 suggestions:

1.1 tsp in your morning coffee- Sounds weird right? Just Trrrryyyy it!  

2.1 Tbsp in your morning oatmeal- Melts into warm oatmeal perfectly and tastes delicious. It’s also a great way to round out the macronutrient profile by adding a boost of fat.

3. 1 Tbsp in your smoothies- check out Sexy Smoothies for Hippy Athletes

4. Baked goods- Just used it in chocolate chip cookies instead of butter. Yogalicious!

5. Stir frys- Put a hold on the other oils, coconut oil is one of the best to cook with, for it’s high in saturated fats, making it more stable than other oils and it will really bring a nice flavor to almost any vegetable or protein.

6. On a piece of fruit! Go ahead and try it. Cut an apple in quarters, spread 1/2 tsp on each piece and sprinkle with cinnamon.

Bonus- I keep a tub of coconut oil in every room in my house. It’s great for taking off eye make up, healing wounds or sores, and I brush my pup, Willies teeth with it every night!

Nam Appetite coconut- covered yogis! 


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