10 Ways to Prep for a Cleanse

10 ways to prep for a cleanse

So you've committed to doing the 21 day cleanse! Congratulations for making a giant leap toward perfect health.  Lots of emotions are beginning to surface because you're not sure what to expect. Well get ready to release those fears, because you've got plenty of support! Here are some things you can do to lighten your burden as you coutdown to Day #1 of your cleanse. Enjoy the journey!

1. Air out your house, open up the windows, dust and vacum. ( you have to do at some point, right?)  Dust out any fans or heaters unless you want dust particles blowing in your face as you're sipping your detoxifying smoothie. Remember, we're saying bye to the toxins, not the other way around.  

2. Set out your blenders on the counter along with all your whole-food supplements. This will help you get organized with a schedule so you don't miss out on any nutrition. I like to have a shake 3 times per day which makes it very easy because I can take all my supplements at that time as well.

3. Grocery shopping is made quite easy as everyone recieves a detailed shopping list, so this will give you a chance to pick up some things beforehand so that on Day #1 you're not looking around your kitchen in a state of confusion. Stock up on any frozen fruits and veggies, organic veggie stock, quinoa, lentils, brown rice, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, and other things that won't spoil.  Go ahead and save the fresh veggies til the day of, or day before you begin. Go for the best quality food possible. (ie, sea salt instead of iodized, small amount of ingredients on labels that you can pronounce, and go organic and local! It makes a huge difference! Many clients have found they end up spending LESS money on food simply because they're temporarily eliminating alcohol, meats, and packaged foods while they ate out at restaurants considerably less.

4.Get rid of the "non-approved" items- Remember, it's not that we think eggs, nuts, legumes, and seeds are "bad for you", it's just that we want to remove anything that has the most potential to cause any inflammation in the body.  That said, it's helpful to not have that stuff lying around during those weak moments (and we all have them). All processed foods, sugars, crackers, ice-cream, pickles, juices & breads should all be eliminated. Have a big party and give some for people to take home!   

5. Wean the Caffeine- This is discussed during your one-on-one support but let's refresh. Caffeine is a drug. It makes us feel good for a short while, it boosts our mood and helps us think clearly. But soon, something else will be replacing caffeine as the days go by and will help us feel all of those things if we just give it time. It's callled real food! A few days before you begin, go ahead and switch your coffee or tea to half-caf, and begin to eliminate sodas and energy drinks slowly. This helps to prevent withdrawl symptoms such as headaches and, oh yes.... HELL. So be sure to cut it out slowly so your body has time to play catch up. You may drink herbal (non caf) coffee like teechino, any herbal teas, maca-based products like Macafe that are all quite nutritious and help with coffee cravings.  

6. Find ways to get creative- I won't lie, I love a glass of wine while I'm preparing dinner. There's something about the combination of chopping veggies, playing good music, and sipping wine once it gets dark outside. During my cleanse, I simply pour some Kombucha (a fermented, healthy, approved beverage) into a wine glass and it works wonders. You can also have a small amount of club soda with a twist of citrus and that can easily do the trick. In the mornings, instead of coffee I love a warm teechino or macafe in an oversized mug. I soon realize it's not really about what I'm drinking or eating, but the ritual behind it. 

Definitely does the trick!

Definitely does the trick!

7. Plan a few recipes- It helps to get a few ideas together of what you'll make the first week as the first few days are the hardest. Stir frys are great, as well as platters of raw veggies to munch on during the day. Meat is allowed again on day 10 so it's nice to also have some ideas of what you can make ahead of time, (or order from a menu if you absolutely have to go out). You will be given lots of recipe ideas during the program for all levels of cooking, so no need to fret! I encourage you to try one new thing every day that you've never had before. You may be surprised at what you discover. 

8. What's your fitness plan?- It's also very important during this program that we continue to move our bodies and sweat. It doesn't have to be rigorous every single day, but definitely get that blood circulating...and let's face it, it's much easier to stick with something once we put it out into the universe. So write down a plan for yourselves. M-W-F yoga, T-H run, W-Sat-walk w friends. Whatever it is, hold yourself accountable, and share it with the group since I'm sure your ideas will help someone else.

9. Have that chat with your housemate- If you happen to live with someone who thinks you're a total hippie for doing some "wacky cleanse" simply laugh them off and wait a month til they see how much happier and & sexier you are than them. ;)  All kidding aside, it's good to be respectful to those we live with. Sit down and explain to them that you are "jumpstarting your health" this month and you may need some support.  If they're going to walk in with an entire pizza as you're prepping your butternut squash & kale soup, then there's nothing you can do but get more excited about your soup!!!  This program is about life changes as it provides a great avenue to re-sensitize your taste buds, pinpoint food intolerances or allergies, and make real changes, so don't let anyone's habits bring you down.  You are in charge! 

10. Take care of yourself- This is the most important one of all cuz that's why you're here, right?! When you need to sleep, do so; when you want to go out and get a massage, DO IT! It's all about YOU this month so do whatever makes you feel good. When you need support, reach out like you never have before. That's what singles this program out from the rest. Have a good time and try not to be too anxious about getting everything perfectly. If you miss a dose of a supplement or powder, no biggie, just resume where you left off; if you ate something from the "non-approved" list, it's ok, just confess your sins and move on.  This program not only nourishes us on a physical level, but can totally change your relationship with food all together, as long as we open ourselves up to it. 

Excited for you all! PS take pictures of yourselves, get bloodwork, and take a good look at your face because it may not look the same after this! 

Not on the cleanse yet? You can jump in any time! Come visit my Nutrition Purification Page or send me a Holla, I'd be glad to answer your questions and/or help you get started!


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