Benefits of Cod liver oil: Was grandma onto something?

The benefits of cod liver oil are numerous. Skin health, immune system, cardiovascular health, and natural doses of both Vitamins A, D, and CoQ10

The benefits of cod liver oil are numerous. Skin health, immune system, cardiovascular health, and natural doses of both Vitamins A, D, and CoQ10

Guess what just trickled back out of the cupboard? If you care about your health, this is the most fantastic news you will get all day. COD LIVER OIL IS BACK my friends!

Cod liver oil is truly the Old Fashioned Superfood! Here’s why:

*it contains naturally occurring Vitamin A and Vitamin D,
 *It’s an excellent source of Vitamin F, or essential Fats (yes those anti-inflammatory omega 3s that are also important for the brain and nervous system)
 *Promotes assimilation of calcium in the body
 *Contains CoQ10, a fat-soluble substance used in the body’s energy-generating processes.

With all this good stuff, why on earth did we stop taking it?

Well for starters, it wasn’t exactly easy to take or very tasty. Now it’s made into easy capsules with natural lemon so if you burp up something, at least it’s pleasant. Secondly, health practitioners, including myself, were reluctant to suggest it to clients for fear of the Vitamin A being toxic. Rest assured, that is not the case, as long as you’re buying the right one!

Read up! You must purchase CLO that hasn’t been tampered with or fortified. Last time I checked, Cod did not “naturally” contain exactly 2000 IU’s of Essential Fatty Acids. In other words, it’s being added in synthetically to get the numbers up when it’s not effective, nor safe. Cod liver oil is used to fight inflammation, boost vitamin intake, and even treat surgical wounds, but you must be using the natural oil. Additionally, your supplements should contain naturally occurring Vitamins, and not synthetic. Taking synthetic Vitamin D alone, (without Vitamin F), can result in calcification of the kidneys, and other serious consequences. Too much Vitamin D, can also result in an essential fat deficiency, but not if it’s taken in the form of natural CLO.

Most CLO’s are molecularly distilled, a method which removes metals, PCB’s and other toxins to below detectable levels for human consumption. Sounds purifying, but in many cases it’s with the use of bleach and deodorization which will denature and refine the oil. This form, does not use those harsh techniques.

ANNOUNCEMENT: I am proud to say that this natural CLO is now in the hands of Nutritious Yogi! I’m using it in my nutrition practice as additional body support for conditions associated with diabetes, prenatal, chronic pain, bone health, cancer prevention, and weight loss clients. Even dental support! And they come in lemon gel capsules that you can chew! (though you totally don't need to). 

PS, Ask yourself, did grandma ever have to take a monthly, mega vitamin D pill 50 years ago, or was she maybe eating real things? click to tweet 

Read more about the cleanest cod liver oil from Standard Process. The one I use and give to Tommy every day!