Best Mineral for Good Night's Sleep

Natural ways to a good night sleep are within reach! It starts with good self care through the day which means eating right, getting sunshine, and if there's one supplement to take let it be magnesium.

Ode to Magnesium  

Jump into bed with this strings attached. 

Why is magnesium my favorite mineral? Aside from the fact that it’s crucial to the body, magnesium calms my nervous system and helps me relax at the end of the day, and though it’s been a bit overshadowed by Vitamin D and calcium, it’s just as vital, and you may not be getting enough. According to the Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), Americans do not consume enough magnesium-containing foods on a regular basis. So what does this dreamy mineral do for us and how to we get it?  

The Benefits:

*crucial for generating energy in the body

*aids in cell growth & division

*transports potassium

*helps control blood sugar levels

*aids in the formation of bones & teeth

*relaxes the blood vessels

*most's non-addicting!!  



How do I know if I’m deficient without a blood test?

According to medical professionals, some sure signs can be headaches, loss of appetite, nausea, or fatigue. Excessive alcohol, medications, and gastrointestinal inadequacy can result in deficiencies of this nutrient.

How do I get it?

*Green leafy veggies for their amazing concentration of chlorophyll which is naturally injected with magnesium



*pumpkin seeds


*whole grains

*raw cacao (have you tried this smoothie yet?) 

Always remember to eat a complete breakfast with moderate, healthy snacks through the day to be sure you're covering the bases. This granola is chock full of it!


I'm so proud to now be carrying Magnesium Lactate for my nutrition clients in capsule form. If powders are more your thing, check out what's hanging out below. 


*Magnesium is one of my favorite things to take before bedtime because of its calming effect on the nervous system without the addictive effects of a sleep medication. I love the powdered supplement, Calm (available at Whole Foods or other health food stores) mixed with some hot water about 45 minutes before bed.

*To be sure you’re actually absorbing nutrients, it’s important to be sure your gastrointestinal tract is free of disruption. Read more about gut health and why it's so important.