Kevita: The Sparkling Probiotic Drink


I came across this beverage for the first time in Los Angeles a couple years ago. Chilling handsomely next to the kombucha at Whole foods, there it was, staring me down. A colleague of mine had mentioned it, so I was a bit familiar with the name. One taste, and I was smitten.

For starters, it’s the first drink I can get ALL of my clients to enjoy, since there are a few who don’t like the taste of kombucha, and though it’s similar in that it’s a healthy beverage, it’s got a bit of a different nutrition profile.

Flavors with Benefits

*Probiotics are the healthiest little buggers you can eat, and this beverage adds a powerful dose of them. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that aid in digestion, immune function, bloating, appetite, headaches, weight loss and more!

*Raw, dairy-free, soy & nut free, and vegan!

*Real, Organic ingredients (a few are even certified organic) 

*Taste amazing ( floating particles to gulp down here)

*Purification Friendly, so it’s a great addition to the 21 day cleanse, or 10 day gut balancing program


AND, you know how I talk about coconuts all day long? Well the magic of Kevita is that coconut water is part of the ingredients, so you get the added benefits of that too!



Fun tips


*I love to enjoy this stuff in a wine glass on weeks when I’m skipping alcoholic beverages, just for fun.  

*Drink in between meals for a happy, calm belly

*Great for sweet cravings or digestive discomfort

Amazing Flavors


Though it’s always hard for me to pick a favorite, the 2 that stood out to me were:

Daily cleanse Lemon/cayenne

because it’s so refreshing and I’m a cleanse freak.


AND straight up Coconut,

because, well ...I’m a coconut freak too and it’s so mild, fizzy and quenching it totally hits the spot!


Other flavors include:

Strawberry Acai Coconut

Lemon Ginger

Mango Coconut- the boyfriend’s favorite

Pomegranate Coconut

Pomegranate Black tea

Living Greens

Mojita (mint, lime & coconut) So zippy! Great for sugar cravings

For info on where to purchase, check out their store locator on their website! 

Nam Appetite!