What's the deal with Bulletproof Coffee?

Bulletproof coffee is getting more and more popular. Do you drink it? If so, I'd love to hear your comments on how you like it.

Bulletproof coffee is getting more and more popular. Do you drink it? If so, I'd love to hear your comments on how you like it.

This time baby I'll brew bulleeeeeet proof! 

The good news: There are amazing benefits to drinking coffee

The bad news: They're not found in that overpriced coffee shop across the street from where you work, or the one across the street from that.

What in the world is bulletproof coffee and why should we be drinking it?

The questions all continue to pour into my inbox...One of them even had the subject line...PLEASE ANSWER NOW (no doubt in a jittery rage from their cheap coffee) "What the heck is this bulletproof something or other?" "Is this right that you put butter in your coffee to feel good and lose weight?" "It helps you stay focused...that seems crazy!"

It's actually not so crazy.  "In fact in some countries...it's a tradition", says my side kick & research nut, Abra Pappa over at the Nutritious America digs.  

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Bulletproof or "upgraded" coffee is a relatively new term made popular by an American technology entrepreneur named David Asprey who while on a hiking trip in the Tibetan mountainside consumed a frothy blend of yak butter tea and suddenly came alive with rejuvenation, even at the crazy high altitude of 18,000 feet. David also claims to have lost 100 pounds eating a high fat low carbohydrate diet as this beverage is.

The trademarked "bulletproof" coffee recipe combines carefully processed black coffee with unsalted, grass fed butter, and MCT (medium chain fats like coconut) oil and blends it all together so it resembles a Starbucks latte. I have been experimenting with this recipe with several of my clients and had great success when combined with a lower carbohydrate (very little sugar), high veg diet, minimal grains, lean proteins, some dairy and some fruits. The philosophy is, when you consume fat first thing in the morning ( ie, butter and mct oil in your coffee) you are using fat as a source of energy, while keeping you full for a long time. Several of my athlete clients are now drinking this coffee before their workouts for extra stamina, while my stressed out business cats find it helps them stay focused for hours. Sort of like red bull, without the artificial colors, flavors, synthetic vitamins, sugars, and toxic aluminum can.

And what about the coffee itself? 

This is actually the part that impresses me most. 1 cup of bulletproof coffee is now allowed on 21 day purification as research has been showing that caffeine isn't really what causes coffee's negative side effects (though for purification we go decaf). Did you know that cheap coffee (especially decaf) made large scale is basically a delivery system for mold because of the way it's processed?

You know the mold that European countries don't allow in their coffee? The kind that form mycotoxins and are linked to a slew of health problems like cancer, brain damage, and kidney disease?

Coffee, if processed correctly actually has tremendous benefits. It boosts memory, performance, and is a potent anti-oxidant.


...and the taste?

 In my opinion, it's the best of both worlds. Based on the brewing recipe (8 oz water to 2.5 heaping Tbsp coffee beans) it produces a rich flavor minus the bitterness of cheaply made coffee.  For the full recipe, I have clients begin with 8 oz of coffee, 1 tsp MCT oil, and 1 tbsp grass fed organic butter.

Also note that price doesn't always matter. You can still have expensive coffee that's cheaply made.

For more info on bulletproof coffee, or to purchase, click below and let me know whacha think.

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Try a cup on its own before trying the recipe. This breakfast is certainly not for everyone and before suggesting a protocol based on this, I take into account my client's activity level, blood sugar handling, adrenal reserves, and several other factors. Trying it out a few times for yourself though definitely shouldn't hurt and you'll find at the least, it's a mighty tasty experiment.


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