Love Songs for Yoga: Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

Love Song for Yoga: Natural Woman by Aretha Franklin

Hello and welcome to the “love song for yoga” addition of my yoga playlist. The think with love songs is, they don't always have to be about a person you're in love with.  They can be simply about someone or something that inspires you and brings you out of stagnancy  and into a place of possibilities. That's love too.

Written by the amazing Carole King and Gerry Goffin and most famously recorded by Aretha Franklin, this beautiful song fills me up every time I listen to it, and I must've listened to this a bizzilion times. Just never gets old. 

So maybe next time we're asked if we'd like to dedicate our practice we can give this one a listen and really tap in. Who or what comes to mind?

 Is it corny for me to take these songs so seriously? Absolutely, and I love every second of it. 

Yogi Moves:

Heart openers, I love humble warrior. Begin in Warrior 1 pose, then begin to reach the heart toward the front of the room, and finally lower the chest towards the thigh or alongside the thigh. Relax the head and neck, and take a few breaths, Aretha’s got your back. Then you may cry because you’re inspired, not because your quads are burning :)
Listen here 

Looking out on the morning rain
I used to feel so uninspired
And when I knew I had to face another day
Lord, it made me feel so tired

Before the day I met you, life was so unkind
But you're the key to my peace of mind

'Cause you make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel like a natural woman

When my soul was in the lost and found
You came along, to claim it
I didn't know just what was wrong with me
'Til your kiss helped me name it

Now I'm no longer doubtful of what I'm living for
And if I make you happy I don't need to do more

'Cause you make me feel
You make me feel
You make me feel like a natural woman

Namaste Musical Yogis!

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