Song for Shavasana: Sun will set by Zoe Keating

Song for Shavasana: Sun will Set by Zoe Keating

Hey all,
So there is a new addition to my yoga playlist that my students go nuts for (especially my shavasana lovers;).  I first heard this song as part of a public graduation yoga class with some fellow teachers here in Boston! The class was both challenging and peaceful as they took us through brilliant sequencing all with songs to match the intensity of the poses. This song by great cellist and composer, Zoe Keating began playing as we were beginning to cool down and restore. Such a beautiful classical song that goes for almost 8 minutes, making it a perfect transition into a blissful shavasana. This ones instrumental folks so no lyrics to analyze today.  Enjoy!

Yogi Moves: gentle forward folds, reclined twist, shavasana

Enjoy Sun will set by Zoe Keatin

Namaste peaceful yogi

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