What the heck do you eat during a cleanse?

What do you eat on a cleanse and how do you prep?

Today, I am answering the most popular question of the month. What the heck do you eat during a 21 day cleanse? Everywhere you look these days there is some type of “fasting challenge” or “juice cleanse” and frankly it’s difficult to keep up with which ones are good and which aren’t. More specifically, which are the most realistic to follow and what kind of changes should I expect?

Be not afraid:

What I know for sure is that people want sustainable results.  They want to be healthy, vibrant, shed a few pounds, but most importantly, they don’t want to starve.

Whole food cleansing Vs The juice fast

Is raw juicing great for you? Absolutely. It’s nice to give your digestive system a break and get some quickly-delivered water-soluble vitamins into your body, and a 3-5 day juice fast is bound to melt some excess weight.  BUT (and this is a big BUT) there are many ways of achieving these goals, and I myself strongly prefer the idea of complete nutrition (in other words...real food). This way, the post-cleanse transition is one that the body can handle and sustain. I mean, you want to keep the journey going, right?  Juicing might help you fit into that tight dress, but then what? Did your life change, or did you just enjoy a temporary boost?

Dr Frank Lipman said it perfectly, “The cleanse is the gateway to a new lifestyle”  and that’s exactly what it should be. It takes a certain amount of time (ahem...about 21 days) to form a habit. This is where all the delicious stuff happens (both physically and mentally), because now you have a brand new lifestyle that you can actually sustain.

So here’s the big question...If you’re doing a non-fasting cleanse like the purification program which already contains an entire kit of whole food concentrates, then what can you expect to be eating? Fair question.

*For info on specific foods that are eliminated, check out the nutrition purification page.

Here is what a sample day looks like:

* 1-2 cups teechino or macafe (both available on vitacost.com or health food store)

or 1 cup organic decaf coffee

or 1 cup herbal tea of choice

stevia or a small amount of raw honey is allowed
 *if coming from lots of caffeine, small amounts of coffee are allowed to start

I am getting the best sleep ever.jpg

Shake #1

 a fruity extravaganza of your choice. Recipes and SP complete powder included!


Large delicious salad w colorful raw veggies: Spinach, bell peppers, cucumber, carrots, scallions, beets, and avocado, (basically any veggie you want) with extra virgin olive oil and fresh lemon juice. (dressing and other salad recipes included) ;)


any veggies or fruits, brown rice crackers w salsa, or my new simple favorite, the apple power snack

I have so much energy.jpg

Shake #2


Stir Fry w coconut oil, snap peas, broccoli, cauliflower, ginger, garlic, fresh herbs, (add chicken or shrimp after day 10)

½ cup brown rice, quinoa, or lentils

or maybe some cauliflower mash w sauteed portabella mushrooms (yep in real butter)

or how about green leafy veggie medley with fresh garlic and crushed red pepper

or my favorite acorn squash stuffed with savory quinoa and fresh herbs

Shake #3

- this one usually serves as my “sweet craving” shake with 2 tsp of raw cacao and perhaps a chocolate truffle on the side.  

PS. You’ll be given a detailed instruction booklet, grocery list, and daily emails as well as a recipe pdf with easy recipes . Click here for more information on the 21 day purification program. I hope you’ll join me on this life-changing journey.

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Cheers to your health! 


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